Audioslave Rock

In this brief post I want to focus on the rock and roll aspect of the Audioslave band and how they sound. Their unique rock sound and the guitar sounds really set them apart from all the other regular rock bands from the early to mid 2,000’s. I could play any one of their other great albums and just listen to the album in full and do it again within a few days. Also, Chris Cornell’s voice is very unique and rock oriented so they are really one of the greatest bands that came out of the early 2,000’s and what they brought to the table. Me and my bud over at roofing Roswell GA went to a few of Audioslave’s concerts and they were awesome.

Most of the bands that came out in the early 2,000’s were ones that sounded very similar to one another. Take for example, train, three doors down and a few others. They have a great set of songs that became popular but each song and group of their songs really were very similar to one another. It seems as though each band just kind of mimicked each other and played the same sort of music that the other played. I remember thinking to myself that these bands are pretty good, but after hearing them week in and week out on the radio, you just get tired of the same sounding stuff.

That wasn’t the case with Audioslave. They had a distinct sound with the guitar riffs and the vocals of Chris Cornell. I liked Cornell’s vocals back from the 90’s band Soundgarden so it was nice to see that he was back in a popular rock and roll band where he belonged. So, Audioslave picked up where they left off and now were selling Continue reading Audioslave Rock

Cornell, Lead man

Chris Cornell the lead singer is a present day trailblazer who rises above the masses of singers out there. He was the main modeler of the mostly grunge development and stays one of a best  lead voices ever. Making multi-platinum progress with three unbelievable groups – offering more than 30 million records around the world – he has fashioned his extraordinary character more than three  decades as a Grammy recompense winning, Golden Globe named singer, musician, guitarist, arranger and lyricist.

His profession started with the Seattle pioneers Soundgarden, whose wild soundscape joined instinctive punk demeanor with aesthetic profundity. Intensely unique, they were the first of their era of Seattle groups to sign to an unusual name in 1989, and their work kept on advancing through the span of seven notable collections. Soundgarden made a great comeback to the live stages in 2010 and after touring the world, discharging the all-new studio collection, KING ANIMAL, to boundless approval, at least that is what my friend says over at junk removal Roswell.

Cornell has consistently reclassified his sound and vision. In 1990, side project Temple of a Dog saw him try different things with a more deep style close to the future individuals from Pearl Jam. Afterward, his widely praised single collection EUPHORIA MORNING joined lavish tune and instrumentals with verses which talked about Continue reading Cornell, Lead man

Audioslave the band

Welcome to our new website about Audioslave and the band that rocked it out for too few years! We were and still are big fans but wish the band was still around and making music.

From time to time a band comes along that changes the way you see music, for me one of these bands was Rage Against the Machine which my friend at Movers in Hanover loved. I’ll be the first to concede that I, as most angsty young people was brought to Rage’s music by their against tyrant tunes, and genuinely buddy, they said “f*ck” a  lot and it was a mess. Not only did the disgusting dialect bait me in however as opposed to expounding Continue reading Audioslave the band